As of late 2020, FoodRenew is no longer active. To learn more about food reclamation happening in Saskatoon, please visit Second Chance Food Saskatoon's website at Thank you for all your support!


Follow the steps below to join FoodRenew in the fight against food waste!

Step One Sign Up!

FoodRenew volunteers are a vital part of the food reclamation process. As a FoodRenew volunteer, you will pick up food donations from our business partners and drop it off at one of the recipient locations. It is an incredibly easy and rewarding way to give back to the community and the environment.

Step Two Pick a Shift!

FoodRenew deliveries are organized into shifts based on donor availability and location. The FoodRenew team does its best to group donors so that shifts are easy to manage, quick to complete, and follow a simple route. All of the available shifts are listed on FoodRenew's page - once you've signed up as a volunteer, pick one and start saving food!

Step Three Record Your Delivery!

FoodRenew wants to record each delivery that gets made so that we can track vital data about the food being renewed, while also allowing us to share and report on the hard work that our volunteers do. The delivery tracking form also provides volunteers with a way to provide valuable feedback to FoodRenew and our partners, helping us to grow and adapt in a positive way.