As of late 2020, FoodRenew is no longer active. To learn more about food reclamation happening in Saskatoon, please visit Second Chance Food Saskatoon's website at Thank you for all your support!


Who are we?


Muhammad Khalil


Muhammad graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with Bachelor and Master of Science degrees. During his studies, he became passionate about public policy and solving complex social issues by using innovative strategies. This passion inspired Muhammad to pitch the idea of reducing edible food waste to the other founders of FoodRenew.


Steven Rau


Steven graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. Steven works as a versatile software developer in Saskatoon with experience in leading development teams, designing complex software, and writing production-quality code in various languages. He enjoys applying his skills to the challenge of creating a community-driven solution to our food waste problem.


Courtney Boyko


Courtney is passionate about creating positive user experiences through research and empathy. After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, Courtney focused on helping society’s most vulnerable populations through working at a local non-profit. Recently, Courtney completed a Product Design program. Through design, she focuses on creating digital experiences that make people’s lives better.


Jessica Benoit


Jessica recently completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Saskatchewan and is currently working as an architectural technologist. She has a strong interest in exploring innovative building trends and the ways that functional design can positively impact a community and the lives of those living within it.


Tyson Follack


Tyson Follack is a Pharmacy student and recent MSc graduate with experience in One-Health initiatives. Understanding the benefits of interdisciplinary action in solving population-based issues provides him with creative drive in recruiting and expanding FoodRenew’s growing network of donors and recipients.