Who are we?

From left to right: Tyson Follack, Steven Rau, Jessica Benoit, Petergaye Gilliard, Courtney Boyko, Muhammad Khalil

Muhammad Khalil

Operations Lead

Muhammad Khalil is a student at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy in Toronto. He is interested in the intersection of the health system with emerging technology, urban development, and economic growth. After completing an integrated training program in Infectious Diseases, Food Safety and Public Policy, he focused on contributing to the community through development of sustainable social action projects. His concern about the amount of commercial and industrial food waste in Saskatoon led to the creation of FoodRenew.


Courtney Boyko

Volunteer Coordination Lead

Courtney Boyko is currently working at Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service where she works with at-risk populations. She has always been motivated to help others, which is why she chose to gain an education focused on human service. Courtney has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan and a legal assistant diploma from Saskatoon Business College. She enjoys being active, which lately includes teaching yoga and being FoodRenew’s Volunteer Coordinator.


Steven Rau

Technical Lead

Steven Rau graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. He currently works in Saskatoon as a software developer and enjoys the challenge of creating a community-driven solution to our food waste problem.


Jessica Benoit

Marketing Lead

Jessica Benoit is currently completing her Art History degree at the University of Saskatchewan. She works for the City of Saskatoon at the Remai Modern Art Gallery and has a strong interest in how art and design can positively impact a community.


Tyson Follack

Business Outreach Lead

Tyson Follack is a Pharmacy student and recent MSc graduate with experience in One-Health initiatives. Understanding the benefits of interdisciplinary action in solving population-based issues provides him with creative drive in recruiting and expanding FoodRenew’s growing network of donors and recipients.


Petergaye Gilliard

Advocacy Lead

Petergaye Gilliard is a recent graduate from the University of Saskatchewan with a Master of Sustainable Environmental Management with experience in food waste epidemic research. She did a research project entitled “Assessing and Quantifying Food Waste on the University of Saskatchewan Campus: Developing a Comprehensive Food-Waste Reduction Plan". She is a food waste enthusiast and enjoys working in an environment where others share her passion. She is also a trained compost and recycle coach for the city.