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As of late 2020, FoodRenew is no longer active. To learn more about food reclamation happening in Saskatoon, please visit Second Chance Food Saskatoon's website at www.secondchancefood.ca. Thank you for all your support!

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Renewing food waste in the City of Saskatoon.


What does FoodRenew do?

Reduce food waste

Saskatoon has a serious food waste problem. With our current landfill nearing its breaking point, the City of Saskatoon has adopted a plan to reduce and divert up to 70 percent of waste from the landfill by 2023. FoodRenew will help the city meet those ambitious goals.

Work with the community

FoodRenew works closely with local food businesses to save and renew food that would otherwise be thrown away. We collect and deliver excess food to community groups and organizations who need the food most.

Organize volunteers

Volunteers are integral to FoodRenew's success. There is a team of FoodRenew volunteers who make food pickups at local businesses and deliver the renewed food to a group that can put it to good use.

Advocate for change

Many people have no idea how widespread the food waste problem is. We want to fix this by sharing information about the issue, motivating people to reconsider how they treat excess food, and advocating for change throughout the City of Saskatoon.


The world has a major food waste problem, and Saskatoon is no exception. In fact, with our landfill near its breaking point, reducing the amount of food that gets carelessly thrown away is a serious issue.

FoodRenew helps to reduce food waste in the City of Saskatoon by working with local food businesses of all shapes and sizes to renew their food that would otherwise be thrown away. The rescued food is picked up by FoodRenew volunteers and delivered to one of the many community groups and organizations in the city who can put it to great use.

On top of FoodRenew's main focus of saving food from going to waste, we also work to share information about the food waste issue and spark positive change in how we treat excess food from an individual and community-wide perspective.



These community leaders are reducing food waste by donating excess food through FoodRenew:



Excess food rescued through FoodRenew is being delivered to these gracious recipients:



Thank you to those who have helped FoodRenew grow!